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Acrylic will never be the same again.

Have you ever wondered who created lacquer crafts and wind up dolls back in Edo period? Those were the days where artisans concurrently mastered both design and manufacturing. Such culture provided fertile environment to produce numerous national treasures that are inherited today. Design and manufacturing broke into separate skills as Japanese economy and social environment adopted modernization. Since then, it is common to see designers and manufacturers playing different roles.

As we continued to manufacture acrylic products for over half a century, we felt something is missing in industry. And we recognized that it is time to revive the soul of traditional craftsmanship by fusing together design and manufacturing again. This thought led us to launch a new label, TOM PRODUCTS, to provide integrated services of design and manufacturing.

We focus on the synergy of style and quality. And at the same time, we go beyond average mass production by responding flexibly to your needs on demand.

Come and see life and beauty engraved on our acrylic artifacts.